Data-Driven Education

edWise District Suite allows you to maximize your time and increase your impact by automating mundane and tedious data tasks and providing access to up-to-date district data through intuitive software made by K-12 for K-12.

How we help you

edWise lets you view complete student profiles in one simple dashboard.  Give teachers and administrators easy access to attendance, grades, discipline, interventions and more without logging in to multiple systems.

All your data in one place

Link student info, gradebook, IEP, LEP, MAP, and more!

Insights into building & district progress

View and analyze graphical data for your district or subgroups to understand patterns and trends

Automate IT processes

Remove the manual labor of updating student information in multiple places. Easily keep all systems in sync.

Dashboard Core Features

Discipline & Attendance Monitoring

Immediate access to student discipline and attendance information  with administrative level analytics reporting

District Data Warehouse

An expandable data warehouse for your district that provides a central repository for all district information

Student Profiles

Central dashboard providing teachers and administrators with access to student schedules, grades, attendance, discipline, assessments, and more!

Assessment & Certifications

An assessment warehouse to store and present state, local and district assessments as well as Career Center student credentials

Student Info & Gradebook Integration

Student progress monitoring and intervention workflow tracking based on student performance

Intervention & Progress Monitoring

Enterprise integration with your district student information system and gradebook to provide a no-data-entry experience

edWise Data Integration Services

Active Directory & Google Onboarding

​Automatically create accounts for students and staff in your active directory and Google Management Console. NT group membership can be driven off of student membership, class schedules, and more right from the SIS. Accounts are automatically disabled upon withdrawal.

Starting at under $1/student – Bundle pricing available

LMS Enrollments

Synchronize enrollment from your Student Information System into your district’s LMS of choice. Ensure that students and staff have access to the right classes when schedule changes happen.

Starting at under $1/student – Bundle pricing available

Electronic Textbook Rostering

Remove the burden from teachers to create and maintain class rosters within their electronic textbook software. Keep class enrollment current, so students are able to leverage these resources in a 1-to-1 environment. 

Starting at under $1/student – Bundle pricing available

Google API

GSuite for education districts can leverage the Google APIs to further automate onboarding, enrollment and management, User account creation, 1-to-1 deployment and automated OU assignment, as well as real-time rostering of students into Google Classroom. 

Starting at under $1/student – Bundle pricing available

Integration Platform Support

Learn21 also supports districts and ITCs in loading student
rostering data into common integration platforms.