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Our team of technology specialists will work with your district staff to assess needs, determine goals and design professional learning experiences that drive innovation and change!

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Our team of certified educators carefully crafts each professional learning opportunity for teachers and staff to maximize the impact through active strategies, customized sessions, and up to date best practices.


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Connecting Math through Storytelling

Crystal Watson

“…we hear so much about what we can do with elementary children and we forget about middle school and high school children. They are still children. They might have licenses and jobs and things like that. But at the end of the day, they’re still children and they still want to be heard and they want to be feel that connection as well.”

Student & Teacher Voice: Lessons for In-Person Instruction

Dr. Jen Mott

“If we’re only asking compliance out of our students… how much are we missing out on by not giving them opportunities to fully be engaged and to provide their own voice and their own  fingerprint on class or on their learning?”

Media, Literacy, Storytelling, & Change

Sarah Schroeder

“How might people other than myself interpret this message? [This question] is really important when we’re talking about teaching our students empathy too we can combine media literacy and empathy all in one.”

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