Instructional Conference & Webinars

Accessibility, Flexibility, Accountability

June 1 & 2, 2022

Tangeman University Center
University of Cincinnati
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CJ Hunt

Featuring CJ Hunt

CJ Hunt is a comedian and filmmaker living in NYC. He is currently a field producer on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. He has also served as a staff writer for A&E’s Black and White, and a field producer for BET’s The Rundown with Robin Thede. Before working in late night, CJ spent nine years living in New Orleans where – in 2015 – he began filming what he thought would be a quick and easy confederate monument removal. CJ is an alumnus of Firelight Media’s Doc Lab and New Orleans Film Festival’s Emerging Voices program. He is also a 2020 New America Fellow and a regular host of The Moth. A graduate from Brown University’s Africana Studies department, CJ is endlessly fascinated by race and comedy’s ability to say what we can’t.

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Upcoming Sessions

Peer Feedback and Writing Workshops in the Online Environment
April 4, 2022
Tracy Sangster
Shifting the focus on community; Building a Community in an Online Classroom
April 21, 2022
Arthur Pascual, Davidson Academy Online

Past Session Highlights

Crystal Watson
Connection to Math through Story Telling

“…we hear so much about what we can do with elementary children and we forget about middle school and high school children. They are still children. They might have licenses and jobs and things like that. But at the end of the day, they’re still children and they still want to be heard and they want to be feel that connection as well.”

Dr. Jen Mott
Student & Teacher Voice: Lessons for In-Person Instruction from Online Learning in the Pandemic

“…so much of leadership is trying to be able to say yes and empower staff and it was a really unique year to just be able to empower them by saying, let’s all just try it.”

“If we’re only asking compliance out of our students,… how much are we missing out on by not giving them opportunities to fully be engaged and to provide their own voice and their own fingerprint on class or on their learning?”

Sarah Schroeder
Media, Literacy, Storytelling, and Change

“So when we use images, there’s there’s just no barrier. There’s no right or wrong answer. Reading isn’t needed. So you can use it with any grade level, any reading level.”

“How might people other than myself interpret this message? [This question] is really important when we’re talking about teaching our students empathy too we can combine media literacy and empathy all in one.”

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