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Tech Director Toolbox – Asset is part of our toolbox suite. Asset is an all inclusive asset inventory system. We provide schools student centric workflows, comprehensive asset tracking, that allows you to manage all your assets and 1:1 deployment with ease!

How We Help You

Acer Connects Boston Public Schools with Learn21’s Tech Director Toolbox – Asset

Learn how Learn21 Tech Director Toolbox – Asset is helping Boston Public Schools by providing an essential solution and support for their critical 1:1 infrastructure.

Client Challenge

Boston Public Schools (BPS) was managing approximately 60,000 Chromebooks using a decentralized system and spreadsheets.


“We wanted to offer our schools an easy solution to manage Chromebook inventory while creating a more sustainable life cycle model that would also enable us to clearly see schools’ Chromebook needs.”


TDT-Asset accessed info stored in the Google Admin to find students with old Chromebooks when they needed to be replaced, BPS leaders worked with Learn21 to create a student attribute in TDT-Asset to help identify students.

“We would not have been able to successfully support our schools, families and students throughout the pandemic if it weren’t for the partnership and collaboration with Acer and Learn21.”
-Solimar Cruzado

Tech Director Toolbox Integrations