In 2008, two K12 edtech guys wanted to help all schools. They saw a need where schools were challenged for resources, talent and funding. Yet, fundamentally all schools needed innovative software solutions and professional development. In 2008, Bill and Kevin co-founded Learn21 as a non-profit to provide to innovative, cost-effective educational technology solutions developed by educators for educators.

Today, Learn21 supports schools with a dynamic team of software developers and instructional innovators.

In 2017, Learn21 expanded their support for K12 edtech by becoming the Ohio CoSN state chapter. Learn21 seeks to provide leadership, learning and logistics support and advocacy to K12 edtech leaders. We are humbled and thankful to be able to give back to K12 educators and schools.


Learn21 is a nonprofit agency who provides cost-effective instructional technology support, services, and software solutions to educational organizations.


Learn21 will be regarded as the leading educational consortium, integrating flexible learning environments and business operations through innovative technology.

Our Core Values

Integrity is not compromised
Never lose sight of customer satisfaction
Strategic focus ensures results
Pursue efficiency
Innovation is embraced
Require quality in service and products
Expect Value

I N S P I R E.

Board of Directors

John Matthews
Vice President

InfoCase, Inc.

Rick Grinstead

Managing Partner, DCTS

Rhonda Hobbs

Director of Technology,
Winton Woods City Schools

Kelly Broscheid

Assistant Director,
University of Cincinnati School of Information Technology

Harry Snyder

Great Oaks Career Center