How We Help

Ohio CoSN

Learn21 Ohio Chapter of CoSN is to develop standards for technology leaders in Ohio school systems, advocacy for emerging trends at the local and state level and continued professional development for technology leaders and other district leaders. We believe that these goals complement CoSN’s mission of empowering educational leaders to leverage technology to realize engaging learning environments for all stakeholders in school systems across the State of Ohio.

Solutions for Instructional Coaches & Teachers

We know that the person doing the work is the one doing the learning.  That’s why our team of certified educators carefully crafts each professional learning opportunity for teachers and staff to maximize the impact through active strategies, customized sessions, and up to date best practices.  Our team is here to design the best learning experience for your school or help you create a lasting plan for ongoing professional learning. 

Solutions for Ed Tech Leaders

Build the technology foundation to empower tomorrow’s learners.  Give your teachers and students the confidence to work without worry and the insight to make data driven decisions in your district. By partnering with Learn21, you can take your district to the next level!